Well, we’re back! And boy was that a trip, it was a roller coaster of emotions and overall a bit of a flop, anyway here’s the details:

So after our 4 hour wait in the airport we finally boarded our 7 hour flight to Las Vegas. I’ll admit I was excited, I’ve never flown before and.. well it’s Las Vegas! Strippers, gambling, and non stop insanity, what’s not to like?

Anyway, we got to the hotel and our first problem arose, the cost of the rooms was going to end up being over 100 dollars more than expected which would cut into spending and travel money so screw that. Dandies put on her “business professional” face and terrified employees and assistant managers until they fixed it!

Us: 1 – Las Vegas: 0

We got that settled, snuck into the artist alley at 3 in the morning (it was a public area, we aren’t that bad ass) and set up, things were turning up and stuff was great, got to sleep ready for the day

Day one was.. well.. unfortunate, the artist alley was dead, we met some people, made a few sales but overall it was looking like it wouldn’t pay off to fly out to the con.. Day two was better for sales but still not enough to break even… and unfortunately because of changes in our flight home we had to leave MUCH earlier than expected and completely missed the third day.. it was not so fun..

Us: 1 – Las Vegas: 1

However, despite the poor sales, despite the frustrating hotel staff and confusing convention set up there was one thing that was amazing, and that was the people.

We really don’t go to conventions for the money from sales, does it help? Yes. Do I like making it rain on the bed and over tipping pizza guys cause swag con money? Hell fucking yes! We couldn’t do that this con, but the people we met were worth every second. Our table mates were amazing (the artists that are at the tables next to you). They were both starting artists, both of them doing artist alley for the first time so it was wonderful to share some knowledge and experience while getting to witness the spark in their eyes from people loving their work (myself included of course!) The con goers that came to the table we’re some of the most passionate and friendly I’ve met, we got to rant and rave over our favorite shows and build friendships that could transcend the convention itself.

So, in the end… I’d say it was worth it, we had fun in Vegas, we met great people, made friendships, and I got to see Dandies yell at mean hotel people.

Us: 2 – Las Vegas: 1